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How to Make Great Tasting Coffee: My Never Ending Quest

I’m a huge fan of coffee and have been drinking it my days in college when I worked a graveyard shift. At the time I’d call it sludge because I took it black off a burner that was way to hot – it was burnt pretty much all the time.

These days my tastes have changed and I need fresh coffee brewed to perfection. To achieve that you have to keep your equipment clean.

How I Make Great Tasting Coffee Every Time

make great tasting coffee every timeI currently brew most frequently from a Moka Pot which is actually the easiest kind of coffee accessory to keep clean (so long as you use it frequently). In addition to the moka pot I also brew french press coffee quite a bit and I also use my traditional drip coffee machine which also serves as a hot water dispenser for tea and other misc uses.

Espresso in its truest form is not something I brew very often but I have recently gotten my hands on a Cuisinart pod coffee maker that was handed down to me from my dad. It’s a pretty slick looking machine that uses the Keurig K-cups. Although it’s an older model it’s hardly been used and still performs just like new.

As you would expect brewing coffee in all of these devices is different but they all need to be kept clean. Coffee oils buildup and go bad and water leaves behind calcification from hard water that can lower the performance of your machine. In drip coffee makers it can slow the brewing process down, decrease the brewing temperature, and leave behind foul tastes that are hard to notice building as the months turn into years.

I’ve been systematically going through all my coffee equipment learning about how they work and how to keep them clean and performing at their best and I figured starting a blog on the topic would be the best way to keep the information handy, accurate, and easy to reference.

I figure I’ll probably buildup a base of articles on my own coffee makers for my own point of reference and then branch out to more broad topics if I feel like I want to know the information or reference it later on.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out the blog for all the posts on this site.


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