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Blue Lion Coffee Is Undergoing A Redesign

Hi all, no time to really go into specifics for now but Blue Lion Coffee is under new ownership and we are currently redesigning our strategy.

First we are working on getting our website up and generally in order but we do have lots of big plans for coffee.

We are looking to roast our own coffee, sell premium locally sourced food, retail high end accessories and generally support the coffee culture in every way we can.

Please be patient, as our plans come together I will update this blog so that you know exactly where we are at in our process.

In the mean time have a cup of coffee, think of us, and have a look at our first few blog posts on the site! 😛

make great tasting coffee every timeHow to Make Great Tasting Coffee
Making great tasting coffee isn’t all that hard. It doesn’t take a professional to get it right. Just use the best ingredients possible and take your time. Getting it right takes only a minute more prep time so why not make the extra effort?

clean your coffee maker with apple cider vinegarClean Your Coffee Maker With Apple Cider Vinegar
Have you ever taken the time to clean your coffee maker? You could use a proper descaler but at bare minimum you should periodically clean out the inner workings of your coffee maker by running a water and apple cider vinegar cycle. It’s easy preventative maintenance and your coffee will taste better if you do this from time to time.

best coffee maker descalerWhat is the Best Coffee Maker Descaler and How to Use It
If you want to clean your coffee maker with a descaler then your results will be a bit better. There are a bunch of descalers on the market so we’ve tried to make it easy for you. Here we show you what the best descaler is for your coffee maker and we tell you why.

best way to clean a moka potThe Best Way to Clean A Moka Pot?
To stick with the cleaning your coffee makers theme we also have posted this piece on maintaining your moka pot. Cleaning a moka pot is way simpler than we all want to make it. Assuming you use your moka pot frequently all you really need to do is just give it a good rinse in the sink but sometimes things get a little gross so we have tried to give you some advice on keeping your moka pot clean right here.

keurig travel mugWhat is the Best Keurig Travel Mug
If you use a single serve coffee maker like a Keurig then you probably know that the cup sizes these machines brew is a lot smaller than normal sized travel mugs. Many of the mugs don’t even fit under the brew spout! If you are looking to get the best travel mug for your Keurig then check out this post!

In the future more blog posts will be added and we’ll release more information on our developing coffee company. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Isabel. 😛